November 9, 2011

Follow from the front.

Your dad is the kind of guy who wants only to know what needs to happen.  Maybe get a few details to help guide the way, and then be left to his own devices to finish what needs to be done.  He likes to treat others the same way, including you two.  In his own mind, at least, he's smart enough to realize that neither you girls, nor other people necessarily work the same way.

One of you is just like him.  He asks you to do something then gets out of your way.  Any other interference is just that, no matter how well-intentioned.  A girl after his own heart. The smaller one of you, well, he's not so sure yet.  You're still at the point where he asks for something and either you do it, he gets a head shake, or there's a clueless look that could melt ice.  He's not sure how he wants you to turn out, but waits eagerly to see how you grow.

If you become a person who wants to have input, direction, guidance, and pats on the back along the way, he will try to accommodate.  Whatever way you operate, there will always be a clear desire to treat both of you the way that will foster the most constructive and beneficial activity.  And don't forget happiness.  Again, with all the best intentions.

But what happens when he doesn't quite realize what brings out your greatest potential?  When you realize this, what is the best way for you to act?  Cooperative followership, whether or not he knows it.  Because it's not only the leader that needs to think and adapt.

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