November 4, 2013

This one takes real energy

I've been reading Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future by Tim Elmore.  I'm not sure he intended this, but he's described a recipe for positive change that I think applies to anyone, not just our youngest generation.  This recipe I've seen in action at North Coast Church in Vista, CA, and I think many of our great leaders exercise it.

1. Accept people, despite our faults.

2. Build an experience they can connect with.

3. Give them a cause to seize and work for.

Hunger, strife, poverty, education, health, fitness, work, family, love.  Around the globe or within your family.  It doesn't matter.  Do this for people and they will see the importance that is larger than themselves.  Once that happens, watch as they change the world.  Or your world.

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