June 17, 2011

On the Road with Krieger and Addy

This is no revelation, but there is nothing like a a cross-country journey to cleanse your palate and jump start your imagination.  Steinbeck and Kerouac realized this, if not before their travels, then after.  Maybe it's not quite as grand a trip as it used to be with the prevalence of fast food scattered along the Interstate highway system.  Along these routes, it's much safer than it used to be while the fame and novelty of Route 66 and the like are more difficult to find.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to make the trip again, avoiding any road with limited access and experiencing the land somewhat slower than at 80 mph.  Even so, it's an experience.  So I pray that some day we will be able to make such a trip when you two are old enough to realize what's happening.  

In time and with pressure, the earth's geology can shift and mold itself into new forms.  With time but very little pressure, so can a man's thoughts.  Funny sights, dramatic formations, city skylines, or ever-lasting landscapes affect your senses.  Their impressions run free in your head, tripping, colliding, reforming themselves into something you've never thought possible.  You'll find inspiration, humor, sadness, anger, and maybe an opportunity to flex your golden pipes to a new favorite song.  The best part: nothing to do but drive; nothing but time to collate and make sense of your thoughts.  You can let your mind run free, something that's as important, at times, as focusing on life.

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