June 1, 2011

Stuff your face

We had a speaker recently who talked about a smattering of topics, all centered around leadership. In his talk he discussed success and significance.  He stressed the importance, as a leader, of being significant rather than successful.  As he spoke, this sounded good.  In a room filled with Marines, he defined success as gaining rank, power, or influence.  Compared to this, having a positive influence on people's lives and making a difference in this world clearly is superior.

Then I thought about my two girls and what makes you so amazing.  I owe most of that to your mother.  She's been such a positive influence on your lives, and mine as well.  She would certainly fit the speaker's definition of significance.  But she wouldn't fit his definition of success.  According to him, that's a good thing.  In context, I get what he was trying to say.  But I thought: What about a woman who's got it all together, raised two "practice kids" (German Shepherds), been through 11 years in the Marine Corps, and has managed to bring up two smart, beautiful, and precious girls?  Isn't she successful?  Can't you be successful and significant?  If you're significant, wouldn't that make you successful?

The drive for money and power would say no; a positive impact is unnecessary, maybe just icing on the cake.  Girls, according to God, significance is the cake.

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