May 24, 2011

Go Forth

Beware of confidence, girls.  It can lead down so many different paths.  It's another example of the old maxim: everything in moderation.  Clearly, too little of it makes timid souls and too much leads to blunders.  The question is, how do I foster the right amount with you two?  I think it's better to err on the side of too much, as long as you recognize the dangers and are self-aware enough to catch yourself before you fall.  At least then you will act toward realizing your goals.  Go for it.  Be bold.  Don't go forward with naivety, and keep your eyes open as you move, but go forward.  There certainly will be times when you realize too late that you went down the wrong path.  They may be painful lessons, but lessons worth learning.  Have enough humility then to admit your mistakes and learn from them, because sometimes the greatest learning comes from getting it wrong.  But go.

I'm a big believer that fortune favors the bold, as the saying goes.  It's amazing the good that can come your way when you look and act confident.  Not arrogant or pompous, but confident.  Doors will be open and you'll have a better shot at getting what you want.  And sometimes, unintended benefits will come your way.  Rarely does this happen as a result of timidity.  Move forward and you will succeed.  I'm sure of it.

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