May 16, 2011

Me and the Bear

So you (The Bear) and I went to California, just the two of us, last weekend.  The mood was solemn. We went to introduce you to your great grandma, possibly for the last and only time, but we had fun.  You loved your "Nana B," and she thoroughly loved being with you.  We got some good pictures of you two playing together and you laughing with her.

It made me think a lot about relationships.  Seeing Nana B for what may have been the last time was difficult.  I hope we get to see her again.  She has certainly lived a long (96 years!), rich, and fulfilling life, as far as I can tell.    So if we don't, I know that she will be living with God and we'll see her again "soon" enough.  Being there with her and seeing how happy she was to meet you was another illustration of just how important relationships are.  Of course, job success is important as it allows us to live more comfortably and propagate our family and friends' successes as well.  But you have to make sure you foster the relationships with the people most important to you.  One of these people was Nana B.  The other one was you.

You love everyone, Little Bear.  You'll probably be the social one so relationships will be easy for you.  Until this trip, I had never really gotten to spend a significant amount of time with you.  Your bigger sister likes a lot of attention draws it away from you.  A lot.  So a weekend with the two of us was perfect.  The plane rides were difficult, but it was all worth it (and Continental still gives free beer to military).  Now we're back, and I can tell it made a difference.  There's a connection.  A relationship built.  A foundation we can build upon for the rest of our lives (at least for me).

So thank you.  For a great weekend.  And for reminding me, again, how important it is to be close to the ones we love.  It shouldn't be so hard to remember.


  1. You're a braver man than Tom-I don't think I could get him to travel across country alone with one of our kids.

  2. Yeah, I was a little nervous. Kathryn literally got me a man-purse diaper bag so I had that going for me.


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