July 3, 2011

Change this Title

Change is such a double-edged sword.  I see it now in you guys.  One of the requirements of the military is that we move every few years.  Soon enough you'll start getting excited to move.  You're already showing a little excitement as we move to California.  Unfortunately, you've already asked several times to go to your own house.  Since we can't move into our house for another 3 weeks, you've got a lot of uncertainty in front of you, especially for an almost 3-year-old.  But think of the fun we're going to have in San Diego.  Beaches, bikes, friends, and family nearby.  We'll have such a good time, as if all the pain of the change will have made it all worth it.

Like I wrote you before, sometimes you need a change of thought.  A different way.  At this point, you're still figuring out what your way is going to be.  Eventually though, nothing new will come from this way.  Learning will slow, stagnate, and might actually go backwards.  Take all you can from the experiences you have, the things you read, the conversations you make.  And when you feel yourself start to stagnate, change it.

You might not know where you are or exactly where you're going, but you'll eventually get there.  Keep searching and learning.  Once you get there, it'll all be worth it.

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