July 4, 2011

Don't Live so Close to Me

I wish everyone could be in the military.  Or at least the peace corps.  Or really any organization that takes you away from where you grew up and into different places.  Like Derek Sivers talks about here, I've learned more by moving away from California and living all around the country than I could have by staying there.  I can't wait to take us all to Socal for a couple years, but the experience of living somewhere else is priceless.

Travel, anywhere you can go and get into it.  Talk to the people (or at least try).  Eat their food.  Hang out.

Move away.  Get a job somewhere else.  Another country, another state, and get involved.  You might find another regional culture almost as foreign as going to another country.  This is good.

Stop calling the place you grew up "home".  Home is where you live now.  You'll never get into a place if you always think about leaving it.

I hope to do these things with you girls while you're growing up.  Once you're on your own, I hope you continue them.  Even if you settle back into wherever you decide you're "from", at least you'll have the experience of knowing that yours is not the only way of living.


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2011

    I totally agree. But it is nice to be home! mom


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