July 2, 2011


You girls may find this out if you really get into sports when you get older, especially they include any lifting.  Here's what it is: Sometimes you just need to "shock" your body; to put yourself through a workout that is totally different from the ones you're used to.  One that is more strenuous, uses totally new body parts, or completely exhausts one individual muscle group will get your body out of a rut.  You'll be amazed at how you'll feel when your shock your body occasionally.

Don't forget to shock your mind.  Read a book from an author you never thought you'd like.  Read a different newspaper online (or in your brain-housing-capacinator or whatever news medium you'll have when you're older).  Go somewhere new and do something different.  Say something to someone you've never said before.

It might hurt at first.

You might get tired.

Soon you'll start thinking differently.

Then you'll have new ideas.

And you'll start to get excited.

If you go back to your usual activities, you'll see them through a whole new lens.  This is good.  You'll be learning.

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