March 26, 2011

Don't kick the habit

There's a lot of bad to be done in this world, but there's also a lot of good.  I hope you girls have great dreams of helping this world out.  I wish upon you goals of doing something in life that's more important than you.  Serving God is of course the ultimate of these, and you should seek to do this through tangible means.

Sometimes though, these lofty goals can seem so far away that we think they're unattainable.  Girls, you need to start small.  Whether it's rinsing your coffee cup and putting it in the dishwasher instead of just dropping it in the sink or putting away your book now instead of leaving it out to be picked up later.  Ok, maybe these are my habits that I need to work on, but I think you get the point.

Do the right things now, starting small, and begin good habits.  Soon enough you won't even think about them.  These things being second nature, you'll be in the right mindset for doing bigger things.  Small habits lead to bigger habits that ultimately pave the way for a life of service.  Recognizing that it's not all about you, that there are more important things than just yourself are a part of service.  Let's start those habits early, together, so we won't think twice about making a difference in this world.

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