March 11, 2011

I'm glad babies don't remember, so maybe I shouldn't write this down.

Sometimes we need changes in our lives to snap us out of the every-day routines.  Whether for our own entertainment or to wake us from potentially dangerous complacency, things happen that we need to be pay attention to.

You knocked over your high chair this morning, Little Bear.  With yourself in it.  Your mom rushed over and found you a little shaken up, but ok.  This is one of those times when a parent's heart stops beating and all the feelings of failure and inadequacy rush through the mind.  The actual threat to your safety may not have been all that high, but so many what-ifs ran through our minds about what could have happened.

We could spend days worrying about all the terrible ways you could have been hurt.  And for a bit, while emotions are still running high, we will.  Once we calm down, hopefully we'll take this for what it is: a shock from a normal day's routine to highlight the fact that we need to be careful and think about the things we're doing and how we're doing them.  You are basically helpless at this point, and we are the ones with the great privilege and responsibility of seeing that you grow up healthy, both mentally and physically.

So, we'll learn from this.  We'll put you back in your un-knock-over-able high chair with its 5-point harness and make doubly sure that wherever we put you, there are no readily available dangers.  Including yourself.  In the mean time, we'll wait and see what the doctor has to say at your appoint today.  And we'll worry.  Hopefully it'll make us better parents.


  1. How did she accomplish this and is she ok?


  2. She was too close to the table and pushed off of it with her feet. She's ok though.


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