March 5, 2011

Follow Your Heart, That's What I do

Your mom and I watched the Social Network last night, after you two went to bed.  It was a great movie.  It's quite apparent, even if you didn't know it beforehand, that the director had no love lost for Mark Zuckerberg.  If he's successful in anything, it's showing just how detached from people Mark is, to say it nicely.

I'm a firm believer that there is something to learn from everyone.  In this case, The Facebook's creator has one quality we can look up to: an aggressive drive toward accomplishing a goal.  He had an end in mind and would not accept failure.  This is an admirable quality.  He wasn't worried about perfection.  He wasn't worried about what people thought.  He simply knew that this was what he wanted to do, and he drove toward that end.

Unfortunately, there are many bad things we can learn from this portray of Mark, like don't forget your friends.  Don't steal from others; ideas, money, or anything.  Don't be a jerk.  The list could go on.

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing things perfect the first time that we forget to just do.  Sometimes we get too caught up in how other people are going to view us for doing what is important to us.  Sometimes we just don't think we're good enough to accomplish anything big.  Sometimes we just need to follow our heart, and do what we put our minds to.  If it makes us $26 billion, that's just icing on the cake.


  1. I really enjoyed The Social Network. The highest praise I can give a movie or book is that it motivated me to keep creating stuff -- whether that be writing, drawing, or making engaging PowerPoints for my students.

    Keep up the the great posts, Mark!

  2. It's very easy to do nothing, then rationalize why it's the right thing to do. I agree, that movie motivated me to keep creating. You've motivated me as well with your stories and books. Thanks for the encouragement, whether or not you knew it!


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