March 7, 2011

Stop Learning What I Teach You

So I was trying to describe to you why, when someone farts, it doesn't always mean they pooped.  This clearly was an important topic over the weekend.  A certain member of your family, name to remain anonymous to protect her tiny little identity, was having some issues.  You decided to notify the rest of us each time that she needed a new diaper.  This is my explanation for why she didn't need one just yet:

"There are two types of poops: solid poops and air poops.  Solid ones need a new diaper, air poops do not."

Since for the last two nights you have been vocalizing it each time you have an air poop, loudly I should add, I've either failed miserably (says your mom), or attained triumphant victory (maybe, Dave Barry  might have covered something like this in his Guide to Guys).

Either way, I imagine this is another one of those areas, like bras and other lady topics, your mom will probably take over.  Oh well, this topic is for the dogs anyway.


  1. Haha..This is definitely a boy topic...Girls aren't allowed to say "P**P" or *F*RT". #1 Rule in the Dad with Girls Cute story!

  2. hmm..wonder where you learned all these intelligent things???


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