February 14, 2011

V-Day is Better in a Mini-Van

I had a co-worker today tell me that just about anything you can do is better when you're single.  Really?  Maybe this is just the way it is with your mom and me, but I enjoy being with her.  Wouldn't you like to do things with your best friend?  I sure would.  Of course I'd like to go play golf with the guys, but even after having some fun with buddies, I enjoy coming home to see your mom.  And you girls too.

She asked me, "why would you want to have kids? They take up all your TV time and you can't go out and do anything fun."  She has never come home to see her little Bear, big blue eyes looking up, blurting an innocent "dadadada."  I still remember the first time you, Joy, came running to me.  I would say I wish I had it on camera, but it has a special place in my mind that I'm not sure I'll never forget.  And while she may be right about certain times, like cleaning up the puke that filled your entire car-seat that day (don't worry, your sister uses that seat now...), there truly is nothing better than a surprise hug.  I could only smile at her and shake my head.

Then I realized it's Valentine's day.  And she's single.  While I hope she is happy, I realized that she may have been trying to tear down two institutions that make me the happiest: marriage and fatherhood.  All in the name of helping herself feel better.  I hope this isn't what was happening, but it was very convenient on a day when love and relationships are celebrated.

It made me sad.  If only she could know the feeling of being loved by three wonderful people.  Or be happy in her own situation.  I pray she can find that happiness.  And I pray that you girls will too, now and in the future, whether or not you get married.  If I could tell you two things today, I'd say first, there is absolutely no feeling like the love I have for you two.  Indescribable.  (I tried once.  I think I utterly failed).  This is a source of great happiness for me.  Second, don't let your happiness come at the expense of others'.

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