February 20, 2011

Was Going to Have a Scotch Tonight

Here's one of my favorite lyrics from the song Used to Be, by Lost and Found, the Christian duo.  

It used to be that failure only meant you didn't try /
In a world where people gave a damn.

I first heard it my freshman year in college.  There are a ton of good nuggets in these lyrics, but this line has stuck with me all this time because they're right: Seldom do we fail at things we put actual, legitimate effort into.  Very often we fail, whether at school, at work, or at relationships.  Ultimately it's because we don't try, especially when things get hard (I'm certainly no exception).  So whatever it is you girls decide to pursue, praise the Lord by giving it your best.  Put your heart and soul into those things that are important to you.  Don't ever stop listening and learning so you can be better, or pick yourself up when you fall.  And because you will have given a damn, you will not fail.

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