February 23, 2011

You Said It, All by Yourself

It sounded like this:

Ayow yo Dada.

I remember it like I remember the first time you ran to me as I walked in the front door after work.  This time I was walking to the door, leaving for an overnight trip.  I had already kissed you goodbye while you were preoccupied with one of your books on the couch.  Before I got to the front of the house, you came running, knowing that I was leaving.  So I hugged and kissed you again.  Then as your mom stood in the doorway holding your sister, I walked outside.  Before the glass door shut, you said it.  I couldn't help but stop and smile.  When I looked back you were waving at me and smiling too.  I had to respond.  I couldn't let those words go unacknowledged.  So I blew you a kiss.  We'd never done that before, but you caught on and returned it.

As I drove down I-95, I could think only of that moment.  You saying those words was another one of those moments that will stick with me forever.  There will be days when I need those memories.  We all have them.  Days that are long or difficult, tiring or frustrating.  On those days, I'll pull out memories like this, and think about how much I love you too.

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